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Typical Hard Disc Failures are;

Hard Drive Failure

Failed Hard Drives occurs when a hard disk drive malfunctions and the stored information cannot be accessed with a properly configured computer. A disk failure may occur with wear and tear of everyday use, or due to an external factor such as exposure to fire, water, magnetic waves, or suffering a sharp impact or environmental contamination, which can lead to a head crash. Arriba PC can recover your data from all hard drive failures.

Corrupt Data

Errors in computer data that occur during transmission, retrieval, or processing, introducing unintended changes to the original data.. In general, when there is a data corruption, the file containing that data would be inaccessible, and the system or the related application will give an error. Arriba PC can recover data when data corruption has happened.

Deleted Data

If you accidentally delete your data, Arriba PC can recover it in most situations. The important thing to do is to stop using the device which contains the deleted data as using it can allow new data to overwrite the deleted data making it impossible to retrieve.

Dropped Hard Drive

Dropping a laptop, external hard drive or other device can caused physical damage to internal mechanisms and external connections. Arriba PC can recover your data from all these scenarios.

Hard Drive Mechanical Failure

Mechanical failures occur when physical components of the device itself begin to wear or malfunction. Arriba PC are able to remove the individual platters from hard drives in a clean room environment to recover your precious data.

Liquid Damaged Hard Drive

From a spilled drink on a laptop to flood damage, Arriba PC can recover data from these liquid damaged hard drives. Ensure you turn off the device immediately and absorb as much water as possible with paper towels or similar then contact Arriba PC for your critical data recovery.

To arrange for your data to be recovered, fill out our Data Recovery Request Form.

Alternatively you can contact Arriba PC for more information.

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