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Protecting Your Computer from Viruses

Be cautious whenever opening an e-mail with an attachment even if it is from a friend or colleague. Some viruses can infiltrate e-mail accounts and send copies of themselves to all the contacts in an address book. So a virus could be sent directly from a friend without their knowledge. It is essential that your computer whether it be a desktop, laptop, netbook or tablet is secured with a firewall and protected with a security suite including an antivirus, e-mail scanner and browser protection.

Arriba PC provide only the best internet security suites available and can protect your PC against and virus disasters!

It is also important to change your behaviour when browsing the internet or using your e-mail. Pre-scan all files before opening e-mail attachments or files downloaded from the internet. Be very wary of file-sharing sites such as Limewire as these can be a haven for viruses and be cautious when browsing the internet. Is that really a genuine website you are visiting?

If you would like to remove a virus then please fill out our Computer Virus Removal Request Form.

Alternatively you can contact Arriba PC for more information.

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